Pontiac Cast Iron Cylinder Heads and Labor Prices

BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. After years of extensive R&D both on the flow bench and on our track, we have developed some of the best performing round port and D-port cast iron Pontiac cylinder heads ever. These heads can be ported for optimum performance on a 450 HP street engine or a 700+ HP racing engine, and everything in between. We have ported D-Port heads that run low tens in 3,700 lbs. stock suspension street GTO's to heads that run 8.50's in a 2,400 lbs. bracket car. We also specialize in porting RAII, RAIV, H.O. and S.D. round port heads.

The port work prices include fully ported intake and exhaust ports, deburred chambers, pushrod holes elongated for 1.65 rockers, and removal of excess casting material in oil drain back areas. We can use your heads or we can provide cores. We keep most casting numbers in stock.
(Core charges vary with casting numbers-call for availability.)

A valve job is highly recommended after porting, even if your heads have been recently worked. BP can do port work and a valve job only or return your heads to you complete and ready to bolt on. All BP heads come with a blueprint sheet and flow chart.


Performance Cast Iron D-Port Head Package

  • 6X Heads (other numbers available)
  • Milling optional / additional charge (let us know your desired compression ratio) 
  • Completely ported and polished (starting @ 240+ cfm)
  • Competition 3 angle valve job done with our Serdi machine
  • FULL bronze guides (not liners)
  • Ferrea Stainless Steel valves
  • Surfaced on all 3 sides
  • Retainers & HD valve locks
  • Tall dual springs
  • New 5/16 guide plates
  • 7/16 rocker arm studs
  • HP valve seals
  • Blue printed and assembled per application
  • Comes with Blueprint and spec sheets.

Custom D-Port Heads
Call for your specific application


Many of the prices listed below may be included in a complete head rebuild package price

Street-Strip Port Work 240-250 cfm @ 28" H2O (adds 50 + HP)
$795.00 pair
Race Port Work 260-270+ cfm @ 28" H2O tested up to .700" lift
$995.00 pair
Disassemble Heads
$35.00 pair
Clean & Magna Flux
$45.00 pair
Valve Job - 3 angle competition - includes valve grinding - Done w/ serdi equipment. Each port vacuum tested to assure a perfect valve seal.
Starting at $145.00 pair
Replace & Fit Valve Guides - Bronze or cast steel
$132.95 pair
Install Hardened Exhaust Seats
Starting at $150.00 pair
Surface - 3 Sides to Clean and Square Up
$90.00 pair
Mill - Deck or int. side
$140.00 per side
Fill Heat X-Over w/ AL
$95.00 pair
Machine for valve guide seals
$40.00 pair
Machine Spring Seats
$80.00 pair
Pull Press-In Studs and Tap for Screw-In (does not include studs)
$150.00 pair
Clean, Blueprint and Assemble w/Blueprint Sheet
$120.00 pair
C.C. Head Chambers
$15.00 per chamber
Flow Test Heads - 1 int & 1 exh. Port per head
O-Ring Heads
$150.00 pair


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