505-541 cu.in. Crate Engine with IA II block

Click here for a video on the 541 cu. in engine we did for V8 TV's "Project Splitter"

Aftermarket Block-sonic tested, completely deburred, bored and honed with torque plate - line honed, deck squared, cam bearings

  • Forged or Billet Crank 4.250 - 4.500 Stroke 2.200 Rod
  • Eagle Rods 6.800", ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Ross Pistons by BP 4.350 - 4.375" bore (Any Compression Ratio Avail.)
  • Ferrea Pins .990 x 2.930"
  • Rings Speed Pro/Total Seal/Classic Race
  • Race Bearings Rods, Mains CL or FM
  • BP Billet Timing Gears & Chain
  • Main Studs
  • Comp Flat Tappet, Hyd. Roller, or Solid Roller Cam
  • Roller Rockers
  • Canton Oil Pan
  • Melling SD Oil Pump
  • HD Oil Pump Drive Shaft
  • Performance Damper
  • Timing Cover
  • Edel. Heads, Ported, Ferrea Valves, BP Valve Job, Springs, 10deg Retainers/Locks, 7/16 Studs
  • Intake
  • Water Pump
  • BP Push Rods
  • BP Aluminum Valley Pan
  • Internally Balanced
  • Assembled With Blueprint Sheet


NEW  700 HP & 700 ft/lb.  STREET Engine on PUMP GAS with this combo

BP 505-541 c.i. Crate Engine w/aftermarket block

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BP Crate EngineUpgrade
IAII/BP Aluminum Block
BP Crate EngineUpgrade
BP/Edel Wideport or Tiger Heads

BP Crate EngineUpgrade

Carb.- Holley/Demon/Edel.

$399.00 & UP

BP Crate EngineUpgrade

Distributor and Wires

$248.00 - $388.00

BP Crate EngineUpgrade

Electronic Fuel Injection


BP Crate EngineUpgrade

Run and Break-in on Test Stand


BP Crate EngineUpgrade

Dyno and Tune

$500.00 +

BP Crate EngineUpgrade

March Serpentine Pulleys and Accessories


BP Crate Engine Upgrade
BP Aluminum Valve Covers
BP Crate Engine Upgrade
Oliver Billet Steel Rods
BP Crate Engine Upgrade
GRP Aluminum Rods


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